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About Our Market Report

Looking to find out what your vehicle is worth? Now you can in under 30 seconds with our Instant Vehicle Value Report. We use a database filled with every vehicle available for sale in Canada to determine what the resale value of your car, truck, or SUV is. Simply type your vehicle year, make, and model into the search box above and get the value report instantly. Once you get the report, you can enter your postal code and vehicle mileage to find out what your vehicle is worth in your local area.

Using our vehicle value report is fast, easy, and secure. Ready to get started? Simply start your search above. Have a specific question? Enter it into the contact box below and we will get in touch with you right away!


Your market report is generated by a market-based algorithm which factors in all the information you have provided to us about your vehicle. Its meticulously designed to review all the used car data points across the country and calculates your values in comparison to the demand of the used vehicles on the market today. These numbers fluctuate like the stock market and can vary based on the year, make, model, trim and even location of your vehicle within Canada.

The condition of your vehicle, kilometers and any damage are also very important in factoring your exact market price for your vehicle and may generate a range value of your vehicle, which would be subject to viewing. From time to time, our system may come across a vehicle that is considered rare in the market place and cannot generate an accurate price. At that point your vehicle is subject to viewing to ensure you are given the proper value for your vehicle.

An Instant Cash Offer is our cheque that is presented to you with the purchase price that we guarantee we will buy your vehicle for. Your vehicle is still subject to viewing and verification that all the data entered into our value report was accurate. Once verified by our local partners, your cheque will be provided to you as soon as that same day.

Time is of the essence with your Instant Cash Offer. You will have 72 hours to present your Instant Cash Offer to our Local Verified Partner (which is presented on your cheque) as the market changes and possibly so does the condition of your vehicle the longer you wait. All you need to do is book your appointment at the local partner and bring your vehicle and Instant Cash Offer before the expiry date.

All you need to do is book your appointment at the local partner and bring your vehicle and Instant Cash Offer before the expiry date. The details are all written out for you on your Instant Cash Offer. Remember, you only have 72 Hours to claim it!

No worries. All you need to do is bring your existing Instant Cash Offer and vehicle down to our local verified partner and together with you, they will generate you a new offer using the same process. Sometimes the numbers may vary in the report as again, the market conditions change daily on the demand of your vehicle.

Absolutely! Your Instant Cash Offer, once verified and paid out to you, can be used as a down payment or payment towards your next vehicle at any of our local verified partner.

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